Gun 105mmM56A2

Technical data 105mm M56A2
Caliber 105 mm
Max. Range 18 km
Weight of barrel assembly 616 kg
Weight of barrel 410 kg
Length of barrel 3180/30,3 mm/cal
Length of riffling 3008 mm
Number of grooves 36
Twist angle (°/cal) uniform, right-hand (8° 56’/20)
Chamber volume 2,5 dm3
Type of muzle break two baffles
Type of breech mechanism horizontal sliding wedge
Weight of breech mechanism 30 kg
Type of recoil mechanism hydro-pneumatic
Weight of filed recoil mechanism 153 kg
Maximum pressure 2630 bar
Maximum projectile velocity 680 m/s
Maximum rate of fire 8 rounds/min
Range 18500 m
Fire regime 16/4, 30/10, 100/60 rounds/minute
Type of equilibrator pneumatic
Number of crew 7+1