Upgrade of M18A2 76mm

Technical Capabilites SELF-PROPELLED 76mm GUN M18A2
Improved Mobility
  • New Diesel engine which in field conditions, can be replaced in 45 minutes and with a single fuel tank filling it extends the operating radius by 50 %;
  • Re-designed and microprocessor automatic;
  • Transmission.
Firepower Improvements
  • Gun barrel equpped with thermal jacket;
  • – Reinforced hull side plates (HEAT skirts and grids and turret composite armor);
  • – Closed turret.
Other Improvements
  • Number of crew reduced to four;
  • More comfortable seats installed;
  • New Diesel engine, new electrical installations, instruments, position and other lights;
  • New fire fighting system, filtration and ventilating unit and a self powered air conditioner;
  • Wide-band frequency communication system;
  • Advance passive observation and sighting devices and new fire control system.