In-House Experts !

Modern technology sophisticated equipment, developed information system and quality assurance system, alond with age long experience and knowledge, are the quarantee of production and services qulity.

For almost 60 years of existence !

Production of fuses for artillery shells, primers, handgrenades, 40mm rounds, demolition charges. Manufacturing of metal parts using plastic deformation technology.

Complex artillery weapons !

Engaged in manufacturing of structural metal fabrications and parts, manufacturing lifting, handling and conveying devices, manufacturing machine tools.

Modern defense products !

The scope of production covers a wide spctrum of defense products as well as commercial products. The principal products are mortar, artillery, tank, rockets and other ammunition.

Military and hunting ammunition !

Completely oriented to production and export of various types and calibers of military and hunting ammunition.


Unis Group is company with bright future, and as one of the most important industrial corporations of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has the obligation to represent the member factories in the best possible way, as well to represent the state in the world market.

Attractive production programes and good export results confirm that member factories of defence industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina under UNIS GROUP leadership belong to a family of sucessful blobal corporations.

Since the defence industry has long experience and competence in this area and continually follows the world market requirements, we expect significant results in the period ahead.