Headquartered in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNIS-GROUP is a company fully owned by the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a government authorized defense industry concern, UNIS-GROUP is the leading exporter of weapons and military equipment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

UNIS-GROUP’s vision is to become the leading company in the defense industry in Southeast Europe and, as such, be recognized and acknowledged as a respectable business partner.

UNIS-GROUP’s objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Establishing international business partnerships and cooperation;
  • Increased international market share (centralizing marketing and commercial functions);
  • Constant improvements in the quality and quantity of products, modernization of the existing technologies and development of new technologies;
  • Coordination of research and development activities;

Coordination of business policies of member companies.

In addition to the production program for ammunition, weapons and sighting devices, UNIS-GROUP also offers a wide range of services including:

  • Maintenance, modernization and upgrade of combat armoured vehicles (e.g. modernization and upgrade of tanks that include increasing the tank’s technical characteristics to a higher level; reducing and/or eliminating subsystem failures during training and tactical operations; reducing tank system maintenance downtime; and improving mobility, manoeuvrability, survivability of crew and tank system, and operational reliability.)
  • Maintenance and repair of artillery weapons;
  • Transfer of technology and know-how including: comprehensive, improved solutions and professional service; development of project and manufacturing (know-how) documentation, new technologies and program; complete design, organization and construction of various manufacturing plants and facilities; controlling and supervision; improvement of the existing and realization of the “turnkey” projects; personnel training.

 UNIS-GROUP is committed to assisting customers worldwide with their various needs for defense products by providing them with high quality products as well as comprehensive, improved solutions and professional service.

It is responsible for management of marketing, research and development, production and sale of products and services manufactured by its eight (8) member factories:

mortar ammunition, artillery ammunition, tank and anti-tank ammunition, as well as infantry weapon ammunition.

guns, howitzers, mortars and etc.

explosives, detonating fuses.

small arms ammunition cal. 5.56 – 7.9 mm, ammunition of cal. 12.7 mm, hunting & sporting ammunition, metal links for ammunition.


all kinds of percussion primers for small arms ammunition, duplex and blasting caps, delay elements, electric primers intended for fuses, electric squibs, igniters, different types of initiating explosives and chemicals.

observation and sighting devices for tanks and armoured vehicles, mortars sighting devices, howitzers sighting devices, compasses, hand binoculars, snipers optical sights.


cartridges 40 mm, fuses, hand grenades, gun percussion and primers.

overhauling, modernizing and upgrading of arms and combat vehicles

UNIS-GROUP members comprise well-established factories with a tradition of excellence spanning more than six decades and the products meeting international specifications and standards.

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