Modernizing technology, sophisticated equipment, developed information system and quality assurance system, along with age long experience and know how, are the guarantee of production and services quality. The most significant part of overhauling is adaptation and modification and particularly important are such modifications to provide improvement of weapon tactical and technical capabilities.


– Self-propelled 76 mm Gun M18A2
– PD6/S transciever
– Gun 130 mm hydro-pneumatic system
– Praga V3S armoured car
– Power pack for MBT 1000, 1200, 1500 HP
– Full Automatic control system for tanks
– Tank and artillery cannon manufacturing.



Extension of machine elements and assemblies lifetime is achieved by application of the following regenerative operations:
– metallization (hot and cold state);
– surfacing (standard and hard);
– chroming (hard state);
– welding (gas welding and electric arc welding).
Corrosion protection of metal parts and structures is provided in the following ways:
– chemical (phosphating and browning);
– electro chemical (anodizing, galvanizing, chromium-plating, cadmium-plating);
– painting (with all types of paints, drying up to 80 degrees celsius or by paint baking up to 140 degrees celsius)

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