We were at DSA 2024

“The collective presence generated a synergistic effect in marketing, showcasing the vast potential and capabilities of our manufacturers in the defense industry. This event facilitated connections with potential buyers and future business partners, paving the way for expanding our products and services into the markets of this region. The remarkable turnout at our exhibition space and the numerous engagements of our representatives with international partners, diplomats, and representatives from various ministries worldwide, will strengthen the Namjenska industrija Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine, enhancing their production capacities and ultimately elevating their positioning and recognition in the global market.”


PONIŠTENJE JAVNOG KONKURSA ZA IZBOR I IMENOVANJE DIREKTORA PRIVREDNOG DRUŠTVA UNIS GROUP D.O.O. Na osnovu Odluke Nadzornog odbora broj 02/NO/7-1/22 od 10.06.2022. godine, Poništava se Javni konkurs za izbor i imenovanje direktora privrednog Društva UNIS GROUP d.o.o., objavljen, dana 20.05.2022. godine, u dnevnom listu „Dnevni avaz“ iz razloga nepotpunosti teksta Javnog konkursa.

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