BRDM-2 Armoured Amphibious Scout Car

Technical Capabilites BRDM-2 Armoured Amphibious Scout Car
Improved Mobility
  • New Diesel engine in two alternatives;
  • Supercharged in-lin L6 OM-352AM or V-8 engine LL4 6,2L;;
  • Single fuel filling increases the road coverage from 750 to 1000 km with maximum speed of 120 km/h.
Firepower Improvements
  • It can be equipped with anti-armour guided missiles and smoke pot dischargers automatically coupled with a laser detector.
Other Improvements
  • New hydraulic and hydro-pneumatic installations;
  • Fixed fire-fighting system;
  • Air conditioner and new crew seats;
  • Radiological detector;
  • New radio unit;
  • “Start-Stop” engine control unit and new pertaining accessories.