Modernization of Tank T-55

Technical Capabilites Modernization of Tank T-55
Improved Mobility
  • Modular power pack installed (new Diesel engine and transmission manufactured in the following variants: SA M84, SPAT 1200, SAT 1200 and SAT 1500);
  • Full automatic control system for tanks with posibility for PIVOT turn. Under field conditions, enables power pack replacement in 20 minutes;
  • New electrical installations;
  • New torsion rods and hydro-pneumatic devices;
  • Replacement of tracks and roads wheels.
Firepower Improvements
  • Installed fire control system 105 mm gun with thermal jacket (or manufacturer of barrel thermal jacket for 100 mm gun);
  • Automatic gun loader;
  • NSV 12,7 mm AA machine gun with night sight;
  • Anti-armor guided missile launcher.
Improved Armour Protection
  • Anti-HEAT skirts fitted;
  • Reinforced turret armor (top and front) and hull front section armor;
Other Improvements
  • Start-stop engine control unit;
  • Smoke screen laying active protection system (active masking);
  • Passive device and thermal imaging observation and sighting image processing system;
  • New filtration and ventilating unit and selfpowered air conditioning unit;
  • New RU it with remote panel;
  • New crew seats;
  • Diesel-powered generating set for command tank.