IGMAN factory was established in 1950 and became one of the biggest producers of small arms ammunition from cal. 5,56 mm to cal. 12,7 mm in Europe. The factory is based in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. IGMAN produces all types of ammunition with various types of bullets (ball, tracer, armor-piercing, armor-piercing-incendiary, armor-piercing-incendiary-tracer and other combinations of all types). Factory is completely oriented to export of various types and calibers of military and hunting ammunition from the production program, for numerous customers in the world market.


Production capacities are organized into two production lines and output per annum is as follows:

  1. Caliber 5,56 – 7,9 mm approx. 50,000.000 each
  2. Caliber 12,7 mm (Browning and DShK) approx. 5,000.000 each

Ammunition production is made in accordance to the following standards:

  1. For military ammunition-NATO and MIL, as well as Russian standard
  2. Hunting ammunition -CIP and SAMMI standard, or per the customer requirement


  • 5.56×45 mm M855, M856 Tracer, M193, M196 Tracer, Blank M200A1
  • 7.62×51 mm M80 Ball, M62 Tracer, M61 AP, API, APIT, Blank M82,
  • 7.62×39 mm M67 Ball, M78 Tracer, M82 API, Blank,
  • Ignition Charge for Rifle Grenade
  • 7.62×63 mm M2 Ball, M25 Tracer, Blank M1999
  • 7.9×57 mm M49 Ball, M70 Tracer
  • 7.62x54R M30 J Ball, M87 Tracer, Blank
  • 12.7×99 mm M33 Ball, M17 Tracer, M8 API, M20 APIT, M2 AP, M02 APEI, Blank M1A1
  • Sniper M33, Solid Ball Sniper, Solid AP Sniper, Solid API Sniper, Solid APIT Sniper
  • 12.7×108 mm B-32 API, BZT-44 APIT, Training M81
  • 9×19 mm Luger FMJ 8g and 7,45g
  • Link M9
  • Link M13
  • Hunting & sporting ammunition


IGMAN exported their products to over 50 countries world wide, such as: New Zealand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada and others.


IGMAN is ISO certified manufacturer and has quality assurance certificate ISO 9001.

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