BNT-TMiH d.d. (joint-stock company) is a factory founded in 1949 in Novi Travnik, which is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main activities of the company include manufacturing and upgrading of complex artillery weapons and military equipment (guns, howitzers, mortars, recoilless guns, rocket launchers, etc.). In addition, it has the capacity to manufacture general purpose products (e.g. caterpillar tractors, servomotors for hydraulic power plants, molded forgings, railway equipment, devices for agricultural equipment, etc.). Moreover, the factory has modern equipment for metal processing, such as: turning, milling, drilling, honing, rifling, welding, cold state drawing etc. It is also engaged in manufacturing of structural metal fabrications and parts, manufacturing of lifting, handling and conveying devices, manufacturing of machine tools, providing machining services, heat and surface treatment services and laboratory services (mechanical, chemical, metallographic testing and calibration of measuring instruments).



Products are manufactured and tested in accordance with:



Guns and Howitzers
Recoilless Guns
Rocket Launchers
Machine Guns

23mm GŠ-23Y
76mm M48 B1A5,
100mm TOPAZ
125mm Tank Gun
155mm M46/96
Production and Upgrade Howitzers:
122mm D30J How
105mm How
152mm Gun-How
Production and Upgrade

Machine gun:

40mm M-2003
40mm MGL Mortars:
60mm, 81mm, 82mm, 120mm
Standard and extended range
Recoilless gun:
82mm M60A
82mm M79 Rocket launchers:
128mm MLRS
262mm MLRS


Factory has made significant improvements of artillery weapons, such as: conversion of gun 130 mm M-46 into gun howitzer 155/46 and 52 calibers, modernizing of howitzer 105 mm, attaining extended range and efficiency on the target.


Factory made transfer of technology for mortar 82 mm for Egypt, and also has designed build and put in opera- tion factory for production of howitzer 122 mm D-30 in Iraq. This factory was capacitated for production of 200 pieces of howitzer 122mm D-30 J per year.


business cooperation in the scope of production program and available capacities
initiation of new production programs
transfer of technology and knowledge
joint investment through transfer of products and knowledge

Saudi Arabia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Holland, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey.

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