BINAS d.d. (joint-stock company) is a factory founded in 1950 in Bugojno, which is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main activities of BINAS include production of all types of fuses for artillery shells, primers, hand-grenades, 40 mm rounds, and demolition charges. Moreover, the company also manufactures metal parts using plastic deformation technology as well as tools production. It can also offer surface anticorrosive treatment and laboratory services.



Products are manufactured and tested in accordance with:

  • West European standards;
  • USA (MIL) standards;
  • ISO 9002.


All types of the fuzes for caliber 60mm to 280mm:

  • fuzes for artillery shells (mechanical, piezo-electric,
  • proximity and time – pyrotechnic and electronic);
  • fuzes for mortar shells (mechanical, proximity);
  • fuzes for artillery rockets (mechanical, piezo-elec- tric, electronic-time);
  • fuzes for anti-armor weapons (mechanical and pi- ezoelectric).

All types of gun primers:

    • for artillery ammunition;
    • for artillery rockets

Delay devices for the electronic time fuzes.

Mine-explosive products.

    • hand grenade;
    • TNT demolition charges;
    • hand-operated device for the initiation of electric primers.

HE 40 mm cartridge for grenade launchers

  • range 400 m;
  • range 2200 m.

Manufacturing of pyrotechnical compounds

Processing of explosives

  • by pressing;
  • by casting.


  • mechanical treatment by cutting;
  • plastic deformation proceeding;
  • heat treatment of metal parts;
  • surface covering (Zn-plating, Ni-plating, electro- chemical plating, anodic oxidation using requested color, chroming, phosphating, varnishing);
  • machine tools production;
  • assembling of products from production program;
  • processing of explosives by pressing and casting;
  • static testing of products from production program;
  • quality control tests of products;
  • mechanical/metallographic testing;
  • testing of explosives;
  • testing of corrosion and anti-corrosion protection;
  • plastic material testing;
  • other laboratory tests.


Export of products to USA, Turkey, Macedonia, Austria, Egypt.

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