Mostar Fair 2018

Realization of the joint appearance of members of the dedicated industry of the Federation of BiH, with “UNIS-GROUP” d.o.o. Ilidza, at the Fair of Economy in Mostar was successful, purposeful and efficient.
Positive moves have been made to improve mutual cooperation and business presention of the mutual relations between members.

The factories are well represented, and even though the mentioned fair was not emphasized in a commercial sense of finding potential customers, it has brought a fresh knowledge of the exchange to the extent of the exchanged information, new ideas and potential solutions to the problems and challenges faced by the factories in everyday business, as well as guidelines for their long term integration and business cooperation.

A step forward was made in the efforts towards economic and business linking of members, led by UNIS-GROUP doo, in the promotion and presentation of the product range of the dedicated industry of the FBiH. Conclusions and proposals are made for more active marketing breakthrough.
It turned out that the joint appearance of members brings a single, but also a common benefit of the Arms industry as a whole.

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