PRETIS d.d. (joint-stock company) is a factory founded in 1948. It is located in an industrial zone in Vogošća near Sarajevo. The scope of production covers a wide spectrum of defense products. The principal products include various types of mortar ammunition, artillery ammunition, tank and anti-tank ammunition, rockets, rifle grenades, and air bombs. The company also has the production capacities for commercial products such as spare parts for the automotive and tractor industry, etc.




For the scope of development, manufacture and trade of special purpose metal products Quality assurance strategy in its core activity – development, manufacture and trade of special purpose products – is based on the implementation and maintenance of a quality system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards.


  • Mortar shell ammunition of all types and calibers Cal.: 60, 81/82, 120mmType: HE, HE RA, ILL, SMK, Practice
  • Tank ammunition 76 -125 mm caliber Cal.: 76, 90, 100, 125mm
    Type: HE, HEAT, APFSDS, APFSDS-T, Practice
  • Artillery ammunition 76 mm -155 mm caliber Cal.: 76, 90, 105, 122, 130, 152, 155mm
    Type: HE, HE ER, HE ER BB, ILL, SMK, Practice
  • Rockets – 122 mm, 128 mm and 262 mm caliber range from 1000 m to 100 km
    Cal.: 122mm, 128mm, 262mm
    Type: HE, air-ground, ground-ground
  • Air bombs 100 and 250 kg
  • Infantry weapon ammunition:
    Grenade rifle (Anti-personnel, Anti-tank, ILL, Practice)
    Rocket 90mm HEAT

Commercial industry sector dealing with production of spare parts for the automotive and tractor industry, as well as spare parts for bearings. The main activity of PRETIS Company is manufacturing of modern defense products using various high productive capacities. Tech- nological education of employees and high-quality ma- chinery, enabling manufacturing civil products of wide assortment, as well as design and development services in accordance to various customers’ requirements.


Export of ammunition and ammunition parts to USA, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Malaysia, Iran, Georgia, Kuwait, Libya, Botswana, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia and others. Long industrial tradition of PRETIS, joined with the great personnel potential, technology, and high production capabilities, is able to satisfy wide diversity of the customers’ requirements with quality products.
Services offered:

  • material cutting
  • forging
  • sand blasting
  • heat treatment
  • machining
  • material removal
  • welding
  • rotation rolling in cold state
  • metal surface protection
  • assembling and completing
  • quality assurance
  • available expertise
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